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Health benefits of reflexology

Our feet carry the weight of our bodies on a daily basis. They are responsible to support us during our movement from place to place. Despite their importance, our feet tend to get taken for granted. Reflexology is an ancient healing practice that focuses on different reflex points within the foot. These points correspond to different body parts and glands in order to restore balance to our entire body.

  • Alleviates depression: Foot massage and reflexology has been linked to helping fight depression. By applying pressure to certain points in the foot for a few minutes you can begin to experience the symptoms of depression alleviating themselves.
  • Increases circulation: Many of our clients live a sedentary lifestyle, and their feet are not properly exercised. There are 42 muscles and 26 bones in the foot. It is vital that these components are taken care of.
    Reflexology increases blood flow, maintains your feet, and helps transport oxygen to the feet to reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • Helps with relaxation: A professional foot massage will increase general feelings of wellness in your body and mind. Regular massage will help you relax, remove stress and aid in sleep that is vital to a healthy life.

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